Europe – Part III

The purpose of these post-dated blog entries is really just for me to re-live some of our past trips and start to understand what it is I need to do when I take photos and blog for future travels.  All in all it’s not art, it’s not literature, it’s just a simple recounting of some nice travels we have had.

We spent about 6 days visiting Johnny’s Mother & Grandmother.  This was a welcome rest from the hectic driving/touring we had been doing up until arriving in Norway.  We did take one night away and head into Oslo for a night, staying at the very posh Hotel Continental Oslo.  If we leaned out our window we had a beautiful view of the Oslo waterfront & fjord.  We did a boat trip of the fjord & they served amazing fresh shrimp!  I love downtown Oslo and the fjord and we really don’t get to spend much time there.  I was there once before in 1998.  Johnny’s from Sarpsborg in Norway about a 2 hour drive from Oslo toward the Swedish border.  We drove around the countryside, visited a fortress on a hill.  Once leaving Norway, we took a ferry/ship which sailed overnight to Denmark where we met friends with sailboats who were moored at a Marina in Denmark.  From Denmark, we headed back to Germany where we stayed in Bremmen at the Atlantic Hote Galopprennbahn an ultra modern style hotel backing onto a racetrack.  The day after we headed back to The Netherlands where we visited friends in rural Zelhem.  All to soon, it was the end of our whirlwind vacation and we headed back to Dusseldorf, Germany where we met back up with our daughter who had been their on retreat.  Thus ends our whirlwind European holiday of 2006.

Germany to Luxembourg to Belgium to The Netherlands to Germany to Denmark to Sweden to Norway to Denmark to Germany to The Netherlands to Germany – and so it ended.

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