Japan 2012

Japan 2012

Johnny & I went to Japan in August, 2012 and it was so incredibly hot and humid that it took the joy out of the trip.  Our time was spent mostly in Tokyo though we travelled to Yokahama, Kyoto, Lake Kawaguchiko at the base of Mt Fuji and Kamakura & Nikko.  Japan is truly a beautiful country with an incredibly unique culture.  Crazy crowded and as a ‘big woman’, I think I felt a bit like Gulliver among the Lilliputians.  Don’t get me wrong, I highly recommend visiting Japan if  you have an opportunity, but make certain you go when the weather is a little milder (40c the whole trip), make certain you have a very good understanding of how to get around, English is not readily spoken, we were fortunate to have some assistance with most of our bookings, etc.  If I were to go back, I would want to spend more time in the countryside, more rural areas, city travel is just not my thang!   Johnny loves Japan and has been 6 times (5 of them on business), he has actually taught himself to read, write, speak some Japanese and I think in another life he may have been Japanese.  The good news is that Japan is the only country that he and I disagree on so far 🙂  Places we visited in Japan:

Nikko – this was my favourite – it’s not in a city and we had to take a long bus ride to get there, seeing some country side, a zillion rice patties…more the Japan I would have liked to spend more time in.

The former Imperial Villa

Bamboo Temple – Kamakura

We visited a number of Temples & Shrines in Kyoto

We also visited many temples, shrines & areas of Tokyo.

Update Mar.30.2015 – I think because I added categories, Some people other than friends have found my blog!  I had 2 likes for this post.  When I read it over, I realized I failed to mention our Mt Fuji hike.  Our entire reason to go to Japan was to hike Mt Fuji.  Neither Johnny or I are regular hikers.  I spent a lot of time reading accounts of Mt Fuji hikes, but none of them prepared me for it.  I very madly believed that if I slogged along I could do it.  You start at 5th Station….and we started at about 9 pm at night….the reasoning is that one should arrive at the summit in time to see the sunrise.  As you may note from the photos, I’m built for comfort, not for speed.  I managed to make it from 5th Station to 7th Station and really did plan on continuing after a rest at 7th Station.  As we left the rest area and headed to the next path, I looked up and it was really a scramble, not a path anymore…..at that point I simply decided I couldn’t do it and to continue would be to hold Johnny back.  Soooo…….I spent the night at 7th Station and Johnny soldiered on by himself….the man has stamina….we had a bit of a mix up, he was supposed to meet me at 7th on the way down (which isn’t part of the downward trail) and when he didn’t come by a certain time, I simply set off on my own down to 5th Station.  Eventually, I made it and found the bus back to the hotel.  Johnny didn’t show up for many hours later and the poor man was exhilarated but not feeling well at all.  We were suppose to have met our companions for an authentic Japanese meal, but ended up just staying in our room to recover.  We stayed at a ryokan (authentic japanese hotel) with stunning views of Mt Fuji and an amazing hot spring tub right in our rooms.  We slept on the floor, it was truly a unique experience!  Will add a few more details once I look up some links!

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