There’s always an up side….

Although Johnny and I both take our Dukarol…….need I say more?  Johnny is feeling fine, but I’m having a bit of an off day….quite unusual really, perhaps it was the local moonshine??  I only had one glass, but who knows what the heck is in it!  The up side is this, my day started well and we did go for a 1.5 hour walk up one side of Rio del Tuito and crossed the big blue bridge and wandered back the other side.  We hadn’t realized there was so much more village up there.  This area has a different feel to the pueblo in the vicinity of the dock.   Where that area is hilly and a bit more of an urban feel (for a village), the homes up river are a little bigger with more outdoor space, some probably have acres.  The river runs down from the hills and the homes are on each side of the river.  This is dry season (well)… the river is quite low, I imagine during the rainy season it swells immensely.  There are only a couple of bridges for crossing, but you can see the tracks where ATVs cross.  By the way, it seems only locals use ATV’s here.  There are solely for their personal transport, we’ve yet to see a tourista or gringo on an ATV.

This morning it was cool and overcast (cool meaning it was perfect, not hot, not cold)…during our walk it sprinkled a little, once we came home everything changed!  My tummy changed, the sprinkle turned to rain, all good though, a perfect afternoon not to feel 100%!  I’ve rested for a while  and with a bit of thunder in the background I’ve summoned the energy to upload some of my morning photos.  The WIFI here is not fast enough for me to upload more than a smattering, but this will give you a taste of our morning walk!  Alas, the WIFI has failed me, will need to upload

the smattering tonight or tomorrow morning.  Adios for now!

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