Ottawa’s Greenbelt/Trails – Shirleys Bay #10

We are trying to commit to getting out and walking/hiking every weekend and decided the best way to do that was to look at a list of the area trails and start walking them and crossing them off the list.  Today, was day 1.  The temperature was about 18c and as you will see from the photos that the the more sheltered or north facing trails are still quite snowy and icy.  This particular loop is 4.2 km long and we went a little further as once of the branches was flooded and we had to go around.  It was great fun, although a bit nerve wracking over the ice sections.  There was also a good deal of MUD!  As you can see these are very well maintained paths with bridges/boardwalks to take you over water or environmentally sensitive areas.  The nice thing about these trails if you are a dog person (which I’m not) is that you are allowed to bring leashed dogs in.

This is the link for Ottawa’s National Capital Commission Trails CLICK HERE


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