It’s All About the View!

My husband and I live on the penthouse level (25th Floor) of an older condo building overlooking the Ottawa River, Gatineau Hills & the City of Ottawa and across the river to Aylmer & Gatineau Quebec.  Life is all about ‘the view’ for me.  I’m not into history (Johnny is), I’m so so SOI a ‘view’ girl!  So, as I was snapping one of the myriad of view shots taken when I look out my window (what I call my ever changing piece of art) I decided that it is indeed a form of travel and that for anyone who hasn’t been to the Ottawa area it might provide an interesting perspective (or not, but really, who cares? 🙂  So….today I present….my favourite view!  Almost all shots taken from my windows (the others from the ground looking at building), the really artistic professional shots were taken by my most awesome real estate photographer Greg Tilley.  Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Moonlight, Sunrise or somewhere in between, I LOVE MY VIEW!

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