National Capital Greenbelt Trail #27

Today we did a 5.3 km hike, it was a bit chilly when we parked the car 12 c with a wind, however once inside the forest it warmed enough for me to take my sweatshirt off!  Snow almost gone, and mostly dry paths with some muddy sections today!  This trail is really close to Hwy 416 and Hunt Club so you can hear the sound of traffic in the background, so not quite as peaceful as our walk last week on Trail #10 at Shirley’s Bay.  Paths are quite flat and easy to walk, there are a number of big open clearings and some stands of huge cedar trees.  I imagine this place was farmland at some point back in the day when Bells Corners was a little village.  We parked at P 13 which is the parking lot at Bell High School.  Enter the path to the right of the sign! and keep right at your first couple of jogs to meet up with the main trail.  We encountered a few people on the trail, one of them a former client, the other this fellow playing the back pipes – video & other photos below!!

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