Beveridge Locks – Rideau/Tay River

Beautiful summer day!  We headed out to Beveridge Locks where they have a one way 2 km trail, so that was 4 k altogether then we did a bit of walking around for a total of about 5 km.  Locks are terrific places to go and hang around, there was lots of traffic along the canal.  They have washrooms!  We also had our chairs and sat for a little while in the shade.  While we were there we came across a group of canoers.  I spoke with one of them and discovered they were a group of artists from all over Canada on a canoe journey from Kingston to Ottawa.  Once in Ottawa they will be showing their work which I believe may have been produced along the 200 km canoe journey.  The canoe event is called Channel Surf and described as a collaborative anarchive performance 🙂  Click Here for More Info  Their exhibition will be on June 27th at Gallery 101 in Ottawa.  I love the stuff we are running into on our wee jaunts about the country side.  Today’s wildlife consisted of a bird that I have no idea what type it is (the kind that they make tall roosting platforms for) (it’s an Osprey)!!!  It was a Mom & Dad and possibly there were chicks in the nest.  Quite spectacular, I did attempt to film.  Others stars of today;s walk included many frogs, a chubby snake and a host of wild flowers!

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