Road Trip 2015 – Gaspe Peninsula to Saint John, New Brunsick

After two lovely old world nights in Quebec City we excitedly headed off for the Gaspe Peninsula leg of our journey!  This was my first time East of Quebec City (in Canada) so I was VERY excited!  For us, it’s all about the view!  The trip along the shoreline of the Gaspe Peninsula was filled with breathtaking views, quaint villages with the unique french style of homes, historic churches in ever village, majestic rock and vistas that went on forever!  Our kind of drive.   We had booked two hotels along the way.  The first Hotel Motel Belle Plage in Matane, QC and Hotel Motel  La cote Surprise in Perce, QC.  Trying to find a place to stay in that area of Quebec is a bit of a challenge.  #1 reason french is the first language and not all places have an english page/presence.  #2 is that it is a very long way away from larger cities and there are mostly small cabins, motels  #3 is that itt is August and a busy time of year.  However, I’m happy to say we were totally pleased with our selections!

The theme for this trip was still, ‘taking twice as long to get anywhere as expected’ and the drive from Quebec City to Matane, QC was no exception!  We left about 9:00 in the morning and finally ended up in Matane just in time to have a cocktail on our balcony before dinner!  A lot of the photos taken were taken as we whizzed by in the car or from the numerous roadside stops and lookouts!  We brought a cooler on the trip and made our lunch on route so there were no long lunch stops.  Matane is a port town and certainly has an industrial feel as you drive into it.  However, Hotel Motel Belle Plage is a largish hotel on a great waterfront setting with a big seaside beach.  Not so much what I would call a swimming beach, but a great walking/viewing beach.  We were surprised that the hotel was bustling and that reservations were required for dinner.  Dinner was in a great dining room with windows on 3 sides!  We had a wonderful table with views to the sunset!  The food was unexpectedly wonderful and a great wine selection.  The rooms weren’t fancy, but we did have a waterfront room with a little balcony (where were enjoyed our pre-dinner cocktails)!  After dinner we strolled along the beach!

The next day we had a great breakfast (included) and then headed off on our next leg to Perce, QC.  The scenery again was wonderful and we did one offroad stop at a beautiful light house with hiking trails, washrooms & a gift shop!  We went for a hike and enjoyed the views!  Then back on the road to Perce!  I had never heard of Perce Quebec, however it’s a place I could spend a little more time!  It is a lovely tourist town at the top of the Gaspe Peninsula, lots of places to stay, restaurants, the beautiful Perce Rock in view from almost everywhere.  Our hotel wasn’t right downtown, but perched on a hill on the edge of the village.  Nothing fancy about the hotel, but it was clean & had decent food and also required reservations for dinner.  The hotel website really doesn’t do the place justice!  After dinner, we walked down to the village and strolled the boardwalk.  There are a ton of things to do in the village, boat tours, etc!  Definitely worth a visit!  The next morning we had our breakfast and headed off with our daughter Chloe’s address in the GPS (Saint John, NB).  This was our most ambitious day and there was no room for sightseeing along the way.  We had to be there in time to see Chloe & Kyle place in their beach volleyball finals at 6:30 pm.  There was a TON of construction along the way and once you left Quebec, it was pretty much just driving on 2 and 4 lane highways of New Brunswick with little to see.  We arrived at Chloe & Kyle’s place JUST in time to walk the 5 minutes to their volleyball game, enjoyed watching it in the fog/light rain, they won their first 2 play off games, but lost with a narrow margin in the 3 game!  We headed off to a great restaurant – Saint John Alehouse & had a really nice meal!  The remainder of our Saint John visit to follow!!

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