Mexico/Belize 2016 – Day 13 of 18

March 3, 2016

Accommodation: Colindas Cabanas, Caye Caulker

Our last full day on lovely quiet laid back no muss no fuss Caye Caulker.  It was more overcast with a bit of humidity in the air.  We had arranged to be taken out in a panga style boat for a tour around the island.  In fact Caye Caulker is two islands which were split in a hurricane as previously mentioned 🙂  Our captain was a young Guatemalen man who had been raised mostly in mainland Belize.  Great guy with lots of knowledge.  OH…did I mention that our 10 am tour started around 11? 🙂  We sat (comfortably) on the beach for over an hour waiting for the boat to come back from it’s previous trip.  We elected to use a small tour operator who does tours made to suit your needs!  Johnny and I love to understand what makes up an area and the boat tour around the island(s) really helped us to put everything together.  The other part of Caye Caulker is much larger than the more populated side.  It has no businesses or stores and is largely made up for what the guide locals refer to as American houses.  There are a few families of locals as well who wanted to own their own home and the only way to do so was to live on the north side of the split.  The kids have to take boats to school daily.

We learned that there are big caves under a section of the island, we saw an area that was a Tarpon preservation area, we learned (but didn’t see) that there were crocodiles in t he  mangroves.  There is a conservation area at the north end of the north island called The Estuary, where you can go on walked through the mangroves and jungle like area. The private tour was well worth the time and $.  After our tour we had a leisurely lunch where I mothered a young girl who had too much to drink and was almost passed out in the wash room.  When she felt a bit better I lead her back to the table when her boyfriend was on the ground trying to fish his hotel keys out from between cracks in the floor boards….good times 🙂

After lunch and coming completely by surprise…..the dreaded ‘Traveler’s D…..’ commenced and I spent the rest of the day popping metamucil tabs (among other things) and watching the ridiculous day of CNN coverage of Mitt Romney’s big press conference denouncing con man Donald Trump.  Johnny swam, read his book and generally relaxed 🙂  In the evening I felt well enough to pack my and get ready for our early morning trip.  Luckily, and I believe thanks to the metamucil tabs my discomfort was short lived.  Set the alarm for 5:15 am and headed off the sleep!

This is my favourite house on Caye Caulker


Colinda Cabanas where we stayed – we are the blue/yellow on top left.20160303_11055020160303_110756

Fishermen use these platforms to clean the fish and dump the heads 🙂



A bunch of tarpons under that water somewhere and the entrance to the cave.20160303_11261620160303_113003

The Split where everyone goes to swim and eat and drink20160303_113019





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