Mexico/Belize 2016 – Day 15 of 18

March 5, 2016

Accommodation: Playa Arena Villas, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Princess and the Pea!  I think I have highly developed senses…touch, taste, smell.  Back in the day I actually had a website devoted to the senses….but I digress 🙂  The beach here is beautiful….that soft white sand……we went for a week walk in it last night…..and alas… much as one tries to wash those fine grains of sand away……they cling to you like an um…uhhh…moss 🙂  So… much as I appreciate my skin being ex-foliated….not so much when I’m sleeping…..I managed to get fine little grains of sand between my sheets and tossed and turned all night trying to shake them off 🙂

We were both sluggish and still shell shocked from the not so happy with our main floor hotel room forced to use AC room……so….once up and dressed I went to the recepcion (that’s my Spanish)  and asked if there were any upper floors rooms available.  The lovely day clerk did speak English and we were immediately taken to and given the key to an upper unit which although almost identical to our other unit felt 150% better!  We hurriedly threw our things together (we are backpacking so not so many things) and were living in our new room within half an hour!  After unpacking and re-settling we headed off for a walk along the Playa Norte beach toward the east and then wandered through downtown and ended up having breakfast at a little place on the west beach called Miramar – chosen for two reasons…#1 – it served breakfast – #2 – we had eaten there a number of years ago when in Isla Mujeres on a catamaran tour (when staying in Playacar (Playa del Carmen).  Breakfast was lovely – eggs done Mexican style….and then we wandered back to the hotel to get a bit of beach time (stopping for some groceries on the way home).  The weather was hot & humid long enough to catch a few rays on the beach chairs, have a swim and then read a bit.  We could see that the weather in Cancun was NOT nice and eventually it reached us starting with a bit of rain.  We high tailed it back to the room, changed into our walking clothing and headed out into the gray rainy weather.  It was still raining fairly lightly, but a taxi fellow asked us if we needed a ride and we asked him if he could take us on a tour. .  What a great choice!  His name was Freddy and he took us on an awesome tour of the Island.  From the north along the east side up to South point, then back down.  He stopped everywhere we wanted for photo ops, showed us interesting homes, places of interest, even took us to see a place I had seen on some Discovery or HGTV show where a man lives in the Lagoon on a home built on a foundation of plastic bottles….very cool….also a bit scary that there is so much plastic in the world. We  spent almost two hours with Freddy and after paying him and giving him a big hug we headed (in the rain) to a restaurant where we proceeded to have our lunch, cocktails & dinner all at once while watching the rain poor down.  After a couple of hours we were no longer thirsty nor hungry but it was still raining and we were on a pedestrian street so made a break through the river that had formed on the street for our hotel which really wasn’t far away.  So…….it rained a few more hours, we relaxed in our room watching HBO!!  Another day in paradise over.  I actually love rain and it doesn’t bother me one bit that our beach plans have gone awry….more of an opportunity to get to know Isla Mujeres a little better!  We had only been here once before and only on the North End/Downtown.  I hadn’t realized it had hills and cliffs.  It’s beautiful and I can imagine spending more time here 🙂


This is the house on plastic bottles and built from found things.  Will have to google and get more history.  It’s on a lagoon on the Island. Here is the link.20160305_15093520160305_15100620160305_141634_00120160305_14355020160305_14371720160305_14414020160305_14374020160305_14291820160305_14212820160305_142939

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