Careful What You Wish For :) !!!

Now where did I leave off …. ahh yesss….we were in the Porter Lounge at the Ottawa International Airport……our plane arrived…..we winged our way toward Moncton, New Brunswick…..landed pretty much on time – 10:30 p.m. ish…..picked up our rental car and then headed on the 2+ hour drive to our wonderful little room in Prince Edward Island.  We were booked for two nights in PEI at The Trailside Music Cafe & Inn in the Apple Valley Room.  The Inn was going to be closed when we arrived so they left the door open for us and in the dead of night we stole our way up the stairs and into our cute as a button room!

What I haven’t mentioned about this wee trip is that we were going to spend some time with a real estate agent looking at a few cottages.  So….we woke up very early, grabbed breakfast at a place down the road and then met Wayne the real estate guy for a morning of looking at VERY inexpensive cottages.  Yes, I did fall in love with one 🙂

The rest of the day we went a drivin’ familiarizing ourselves with this beautiful little Province, from Cavendish to Rustico, etc etc.  In the evening there was live music in the Cafe downstairs and we ate fine food, drank fine wine (and beer for Johnny) and listened to some really great local performers.  The Proprietor of this fine establishment ‘Pat’ was also our server and I can’t tell you how impressed we were with absolutely everything we encountered at The Trailside Music Cafe & Inn.  Decor was perfection without being overdone…wine selections amazing……I do believe I will go back……probably often 🙂 because . . . . .

Well, the next day we got up early, packed our bags and headed off the other direction this time for the Eastern Coastal Tour…..starting with Greenwich Park, then on to Cable Head and beyond over to East Point then back down the south side finally making our way to Charlottetown where we had dinner.  We have never seen such beautiful beaches.  I can’t believe I have lived within a days drive of this beautiful Province for 58 years and NEVER visited before… love in love in love with PEI…..we were flying out of Moncton, so headed back in a big rain storm…managed to actually SEE the Confederation Bridge on the way back!  After 9 by the time we got to the hotel and hit the sack for a 6:30 a.m. flight – landed in Ottawa around 8:15…grabbed a bus and were home just after 9 a.m.

A few photos….

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I would like to get back to the music on Saturday night at The Trailside….Brian Dunn & the band were terrific.  They played a number of songs written by Brian that were absolutely poignant and heart breaking.  His wife passed away a few years ago and the lyrics and music to some of his songs reflect the loss and the challenges he has faced as a single dad who has lost his partner at such a young age.  Listen to some of Brian’s music by clicking HERE!

So yes, we bought ourselves a little PEI cottage…it’s not fancy….but it took my breath away….it’s an old home that was transported I believe from Charlottetown and plopped onto a little piece of property in the Savage Harbour Cottage Subdivision.  A lovely place to spend our summers once we retire….a family cottage….a cottage for friends to visit…..yet another new Chapter in the ever changing lives of J & M …..

p.s. winter vacay booked!  Dominican Republic for two weeks at Christmas and Little & Big Corn Island, Nicaragua  for 2 weeks at the end of February…



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