As always we were uber organised, packed and ready to go in enough time the night before to head off to the cinema!  AVX/3D Version of the new Star Wars – Rogue One!  It was terrific.  I was feeling a bit under the weather  though (cold coming on)….so instead of our 4k walk to the theatre we took a bus.  We did walk home though & stopped at a pub on Elgin for dinner on the way.

OK….December 24th seems SO long ago…..6 sleeps since then.  Essentially, we arrived in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic around 1 pm……got our room immediately.  Hopped into our bathing attire and headed for the beach!  In Dominican Republic Christmas Eve is a family occasion and the hotel had a special dinner with a guitar player and a surprise visit by Sana Claus…..

We are staying at the Whala Bavaro….it’s a 3 star hotel not quite on the beach, but has a beach area.  Honestly, the distance to the beach is less than it is in most big hotels.  Now, you may know that Johnny and I are NOT fancy travellers.  We prefer smaller hotels, we don’t need all of the amenities and aren’t squeamish if things are less than perfect.  So, the Whala fits the bill.  However, what is important to us is that it is very well located on Bavaro Beach and beautiful easy walking beach that is miles and miles and miles long!  It’s perfect!  It is on the Atlantic (vs the Caribbean) side of DR and the water isn’t as clear as there is lots of wind and waves, so lots of sandy rolling in with the waves…all good though!

Johnny is up….time for me to close this baby up, I will come back to it a bit later…20161224_10003620161224_06473720161224_20194420161225_10081220161225_17443220161225_174544

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