Hot hot hot……

After a beach walk and breakfast we headed out around 11:30 on foot for lunch and a walk up to the highest point on the island.  On the way to Mount Pleasant Tower we stopped for lunch at Casa Canada.  Our timing was perfect.  Minutes after sitting down and ordering the skies opened and it poured rain.  As always it was short lived and over before our lunch arrived.

Lunch done we headed up the 371 foot hill.  It was cobble road part way, then concrete narrow side walk ending at a school which we had been told has no electric or running water.  After the school it was an ATV style road and then just a narrow pathway.  The walk was well worth it for the almost 360 degree views of the whole island! There was a tower we could have climbed for the full 360 but we decided it looked a bit risky.

Down the hill we walked in the hot afternoon sun.  A cold beverage was warranted so we made a pit stop before we walked the last 1.8k back to Sea Star.

Now that we have relaxed it’s time to hit the sea!

Lucky birds!
Luckily we were under cover, while lunching at Casa Canada during sudden down pour.
We took a break on the way up. Looking back. This path is used to go to the school above.
The school from just above.
Almost at top. We could see both sides of island from here.
Final path up to the tower and highest point.
Long Bay Beach in the distance where we walked from and where we are staying at the far end.

The label says it all………

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