We are visiting the Corn Islands during a period of very high winds. The bay we are staying on is on the east side and the windiest.  After Johnny’s rip tide experience the seas just got higher so swimming was out.   Our 2nd last day on Big Corn we decided to walk over to the calm beach – Playa Arenas/Picnic Centre.

We chose a new path…trying to get there by skirting the end of the island to the south, taking us around the tip to the west side where Playa Arenas is.  This part of the island is hilly and it was hot so mildly challenging but wonderful when a sea breeze found it’s way to us.


Oh…but wait….first I have to show you the giant millipede or centipede that was clinging to our coffee pot switch…it wrapped itself around Johnny’s finger and landed easily on the curtain when he flung it aside! Later to be removed and deposited in the grass and the guy expanded to about 6″ long as he walked away *eek*.


After rounding the tip and heading down hill toward the west coast we encountered two teen boys with machetes out collecting coconuts.


As we saw them in the distance I said to Johnny…hmmmm…encountering strangers with machetes in the jungle could go more than one way.  Rounding the tip and heading down hill toward the west coast we encountered the two teen boys with machetes out collecting coconuts.

Juan opening our coconut.

The boys were Spanish and they offered us a fresh coconut for $1 each.

They didn’t speak English but between our Spanish and gestures they showed us the way to get to Playa Arenas.  On the way we passed a house where they stopped.  Another young man came out, a bit older and he spoke English.  He told us that it really wasn’t safe to be where we were and that we shouldn’t come to that area without a guide.  He then told us the best way to get to the beach was over the big rocks on the shore and not through the local area close by.  The rocks were a challenge but we did make it to Playa Arenas.

Heading toward the little house (casa) we spoke with the other young man
Cutting through the yard of the house toward the sea and the big rocks (was too busy trying to get across the big rocks to take photos)

A few days earlier we had gone through a local neighbourhood not far away to see the Soul of the World Pyramid.  We recalled reading somewhere that you should only visit there with a guide.  We thought that related to having someone help you find it and explain it to you.  We now believe that guides are recommended to help ensure your safety. That said…. Big Corn feels much safer than many other places we have travelled too.  One must always exercise caution.  In speaking with others later we were told that robberies of cash and cell phones did sometimes happen. You just have to remember that even in paradise you need to remain vigilant and use your common sense…which occasionally we are short of 😉

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