Sea Star Spa

We stayed at Sea Star Spa on Big Corn Island, Nicaragua from February 26th until March 5th, 2017.  We shared the taxi with another Sea Star ‘guest to be’ Tripp who was our ‘next door’ neighbour for the week.  Our cab ride from the airport took between 5 and 10 minutes. We turned off the main road onto a VERY bumpy road which ran alongside the sea shore of Long Bay.  The cab wouldn’t even go the last bit (a 3 minute walk) because the road was so bad.  The good news is that this road is being updated in the not to distant future to cobble making this area very accessible.  We had no issue jumping out, grabbing our packs and heading up the hill.   We were lead to Karel the day time chef/bartender/server and he took us to our room!  Honestly, it was all very magical!  The 4 rooms 2 on top of 2 are nestled into a hill side with palm trees, a beautiful beach…heaven!

20170226_124456 - Copy (2)

My previous posts showed a number of photos from Sea Star and I confess that I have left this post too long to convey the excited ‘in the moment’ feeling we experienced while there.  We loved staying there.  We were treated like royalty!  Upon arrival we ordered drinks & lunch from Karel (the usual afternoon host).  He delivered our freshly made local style lobster, rice and salad and it was delicious!   Breakfast was included and there is a switch in the room when flicked in the morning summons the morning host (usually Errol) to bring a plate of fresh fruit.  When he delivers the fruit he takes your order for breakfast omelette’s or french toast or pancakes and then delivers those to the room.  Later in the morning Errol would always bring us a fresh coconut to quench our thirst!  Yummy food and drinks all served on our terrace!

Darcie the Owner took us on a ‘tour’ of the island Saskatchewan style – in the back of her pick up (which she actually brought from Canada).  Tripp (one of our fellow guests) and Darcie pictured below in camp chairs.  A great tour of the island with beverages in hand!  We arrived at Sea Star on Sunday afternoon and did this tour on Monday perfect timing to show us the island.  We stopped for lunch, and for drinks at a beach.  Miss Darcie (as the locals call her) told us so much about the island, it’s history, the manner in which it is evolving and so much more.


We slept with our doors open each night and loved to listen to the sound of the sea.  There is air conditioning but we didn’t feel the need to use it.  Darcie has night security and even though our room was on the ground level we didn’t feel the least bit insecure.

Although the name has the word ‘Spa’ in it…it doesn’t really currently operate as a Spa in a big way – the facilities exist but the demand isn’t there yet.  Darcie has larger long term plans for the property and is learning as she goes what works and what doesn’t work.  It is comfortable without opulence.  There are many different areas to sit and relax and enjoy the views. The pool is ‘almost’ complete and I would imagine will be open in the not to distant future. We aren’t pool people, so not an issue.  When not out wandering around Big Corn Island we spent most of our time reading on our terrace, or on the beach chairs.

The sea really wreaks havoc on these places, so much salt, so much wind and it is a constant struggle for owners to keep up with the deterioration caused by these elements.  Definitely food for thought if considering owning your own seaside property.  During our stay we didn’t have any issues at all.  The water is drinkable from the tap (very much appreciated) as they have their own I believe spring fed well.

Our room and views from our room.  The room was really perfectly appointed to take in the amazing views, had great storage and big enough to spend 7 nights without feeling cramped.  It even had a big sofa at the foot of the bed if you want to cozy up to watch the sea!

Some of the common areas at Sea Star Spa.

We loved our 7 nights at Sea Star.  Our main issue related to the windy weather (which not usual for this time of year and was in effect the whole time we were on the Corn Islands which made for big seas  and of course was luck of the draw).  Sea Star beach will never be a quiet beach as it is on the windy side.  Generally great for wave jumping and boogie boarding.  Great for walking on the beach.  If you aren’t a walker or don’t like stairs the location might be a bit of a challenge for you.  For us, it wasn’t a problem and in fact the type of location we seek (to keep us busy and active).   It is between 1 and 2 km to restaurants, but you can have all of your meals at Sea Star if you just want to *hang* there.

Darcie is a great host and she has terrific staff.  We particularly enjoyed time spent with Errol!  I can’t believe I forgot to take photos of the staff…they were all awesome!

OK….I have more posts to make but unfortunately I’ve reached my data capacity with wordpress and until Johnny has time to move this site over to our own server I won’t be able to finish up my Corn Island posts…*sigh* …. see you when it’s done ….

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