A Little History . . . .

We were internet pioneers who met in an interactive 3D environment called Active Worlds in 1996.  Johnny a Norwegian lived in Norway and I a Canadian lived in Canada.  March 13, 1997 we met in person and one year to the day later at 13:00 hours we were married in London, Ontario, Canada.   March 13, 2015 will mark our 17th wedding anniversary.  In 1999 we moved to Ottawa, Ontario Canada where Johnny works as a software developer.  I was an event planner until I went into real estate in 2004.  We have raised my two daughters who are now 25 and 28.  The youngest in Calgary, Alberta Canada the oldest married and in Ottawa.  I refrain from telling  you more about them to protect their privacy 🙂

With children grown and a little more disposable income we have tried to get one, two and sometimes as many as three vacations in each year.  Our travel style is evolving (although some might think it’s devolving :)…..we have gone from cushy all inclusive vacations to a preference for more rustic local style travels.  My first set of posts will be of some of our earlier travels to capture our changing interests.

Johnny and I are by no means athletes, we are overweight (me more than Johnny).  As youngsters  our natural tendency was not toward the sporty active activities.  Johnny is a shy geek and I’m prone to over-indulgence and loudness…..however, that said, as a couple we seem to work well 🙂  We help each other to develop slightly more adventurous spirits and do well to push beyond our usual comfort zones.  We are both introverts (although, I can appear social ‘wine helps’ 🙂 ), when traveling we don’t tend to interact with others although we may have the occasional exchange.  Our greatest joy is to simply wander about, sharing new discoveries and sampling the local foods and beverages.

These photos taken on a camping trip to Murphys Point Provincial Park on Big Rideau Lake in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Tay Valley-20130725-00750      Tay Valley-20130725-00759

Tay Valley-20130725-00751 Yum S’mores!


    • Hi Nikirath, thanks so much. We are so new to WordPress, I’m not exactly sure what Liebster Awards is yet .. I will have to do some research! I love following your blog as well, you seem to be such a well balanced beautiful young woman who is enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

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